Box Comps
Nate Harris Printmaking

Project Info

Box comps is a series of screen printed compositions created from flattened grocery store boxes. I wanted to explore how the screen printing method could be used as a means to translate an object rather than to recreate an image. During a residency at AGA labs in Amsterdam, I collected grocery store boxes everyday from the local supermarket. The flatten boxes, being flat and opaque, provide a perfect stencil to be exposed to the screen. The flattened boxes were then composed and printed in multiple layers. The result is a direct translation of an object in an unexpected form. I found the practicality of this process to be deeply satisfying. Created during a residency at AGA labs in Amsterdam from May to June 2019
Year: 2019
Medium: Silk Screen Prints
Size: 20x30, 30x40
Nate Harris Printmaking

Nate Harris Printmaking