Calder Caps

Philadelphia is a city known for its recent procession of world champion athletic teams: the Eagles, Villanova University, and the Phillies. Phanatic Philadelphians dawn the baseball caps these respective teams to show their championship pride.

Lesser known, however, is the royal family of Philadelphia’s artistic champions – the Calders; three generations of great Alexanders that shaped Philadelphia’s artistic and cultural landscape starting in the 19th century. The last in the ancestral line, Alexander “Sandy” Calder changed the course of modern art with his signature kinetic sculptures.

On Sandy Calders 121st birthday, we introduce a new variety of baseball cap; one which celebrates the mark of Philadelphia’s art MVP, Sandy. Available in Cream of Calder, Brick, and Cauldron Black. One size fits all!

Calder Caps is a collaboration between
Nate Harris & Ryan Strand Greenberg.
Made in Philadelphia.

Red on Red

Black on Cauldron Black

Cream on Cream of Calder

Nate Harris is a graphic artist with a focus on bold, colorful & often character driven work. He divides his time between woodworking, printmaking, and illustration, approaching each project with a unique combination of disciplines. Nate is currently a member of the art collective Space 1026 in Philadelphia.

This website serves as a portfolio for my extensive projects and series works. For smaller works, prints, paintings and other updates, visit my Instagram

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