Nate Harris (b. 1991) is a graphic artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He was a member of Philadelphia’s legendary Space 1026 Collective from 2016-2019.

Nate’s earliest memories of working with wood are of building skate ramps in his father’s garage - cutting stolen 2x4s with a miter saw in his bare feet on hot summer days. After pursuing a career in graphic design, Nate returned to woodworking by adapting his visual sensibilities to the woodcut printmaking method. He developed his own non-traditional method of creating blocks by using scroll saws, table saws, and drill presses rather than traditional hand gauges. As a result, the blocks are often creates as puzzle pieces - allowing him to recut and rearrange the pieces which live on as additional editions and sculptural relief. While his work in printmaking may suggest a rudimentary, simplified graphic language, the complexity of his constructions represent both his talents as a craftsman and his understanding of how to convey emotion through color, material and composition. Nate’s work is often influenced by humor, daily observations, repetitive iconography, and personal narrative.

As a commercial illustrator, Nate has worked on projects for numerous clients such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Target, Warby Parker, and Pelican Books. He employs the same artistic integrity and draftsmanship to his commercial work as his art, thus maintaining a truly discernible graphic language.

In 2023 he launched NORA, a project which he offers one-of-a-kind handmade wooden name puzzles. 

Selected Clients

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
West Elm
Marriott Hotels
Warby Parker
Penguin Books (UK)
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Mural Arts Philadelphia
AEG Live
House of Vans
Brain Magazine (Japan)
Spectrum Skateboards



Subjects & Objects 
The Fairmount House, Philadelphia
with Sharon Harris
Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia (Group)


House of Vans 
Philadelphia (Group)
De Bouwput, Amsterdam, NL Radiant Spectrum,
Mash Gallery, Los Angeles (Group)
Portrait Machine 
The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia


Sub Urban
KOP, Antwerp, Belgium (Solo)
Pawn Island
KOP, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)