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Nora Puzzle

In 2019 I used my father’s scroll saw to cut plywood into shapes resembling the letters of my niece's name: NORAH. What started as a Christmas gift has evolved into puzzles for friends, their newborns, and numerous commissions (notably a project for Warby Parker’s headquarters in NYC). I believe that the line between a toy and a sculpture is very thin and it is a joy for my work to be experienced in this way.

Each puzzle is 100% custom and made by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

Date: 2023-
Medium: Wood, colored wax

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Cat Scratch Sculptures

This series began as an investigation of what I defined to be the cat scratch post, and how I could raise a higher level of aesthetic attention to these objects that we invite into our homes. I enjoyed the fact that a cat might destroy a sculpture, little by little, all the while contributing to its textural qualities without even knowing it. I also found it challenging to create forms that were both aesthetically pleasing and practical for a cat to play with.

These sculptures are designed and built by Nate Harris with sisal rope naturally dyed by Sydney Hernandez in Philadelphia.

Date: 2021
Medium: Wood, hardwood, hardware, sisal rope, natural dye

Box Comps

Box comps is a series of screen printed compositions created from flattened grocery store boxes. I wanted to explore how the screen printing method could be used as a means to translate an object rather than to recreate an image. During a residency at AGA labs in Amsterdam, I collected grocery store boxes everyday from the local supermarket. The flatten boxes, being flat and opaque, provide a perfect stencil to be exposed to the screen. The flattened boxes were then composed and printed in multiple layers. The result is a direct translation of an object in an unexpected form. I found the practicality of this process to be deeply satisfying. Created during a residency at AGA labs in Amsterdam from May to June 2019

Year: 2019
Medium: Silk Screen Prints
Size: 20x30, 30x40

Scrapbook II

Scrapbook II is a series of compositions printed entirely from the leftovers and negatives of wood blocks created between 2016 and 2020. These scraps were collected and composed as an exercise to explore abstract shape and simplified form, as well as to reduce waste in my creative practice. Available here

Date: 2020 
Medium: Woodcut Print, handbound book  
Dimensions: 9”x7”

Scenic Rout

Scenic Rout is a series of landscapes & observations printed from woodblocks, which were hand cut using a router. A router is a power tool that a worker uses to rout (hollow out) an area of wood or plastic. When used as a drawing tool, the router creates a bold, solid-weight line. Scenic Rout is an exercise in the simplification of form through the limitations of its line.
Created during Nextfab’s Artist in Residence program in Philadelphia, PA

Printed at BYO PRINT
Date: 2018
Medium: Woodcut Print, bookbinders thread
Dimensions: 8x10