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Canopy Hotel

A relief based installation for the Canopy hotel in Philadelphia. The piece translates my experiments with creating woodcut blocks into a large scale, permanent wooden mural. The composition is an adaptation of my ‘Miter Head’ woodcuts which are created by engraving hundreds of dados in various increments while using obscure miters to align them. The mural aimed to mirror the custom mill work located throughout the hotel, while achieving an architectural intervention through introducing play, color, materiality and human form.

Date: 2020
Medium: Knotty Pine, Architectural Paint, Various hardware
Dimensions: 9’x16’
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Client: Canopy Hotels
Agency: Tatar Art Projects
Final Photos: Sam Oberter


Commissioned by Sweetgreen for two stores in New Jersey and New York. 


Woodcut Print on Okawara 60g
Signed, Numbered

Gate Keepers

A series of 6 large scale paintings on Tyvek which were installed on a historic building in the Navy Yard. The towering, figure based paintings resemble gatekeepers, while shape and pattern take visual clues from the buildings architectural elements. The installation was on view for 1 year.

Date: 2017
Medium: Architectural Latex on Tyvek
Dimensions: 4’x17’ x 6
Location: The Navy Yard, Philadelphia
Client: Mural Arts, The Navy Yard, PIDC
Curator: Ryan Strand Greenberg

Antwerp Public Library

A permanent mural located inside the public library in Antwerp Belgium. The mural is meant to help activate the stairwell that connects the 1st and second floor of the library, while some shapes are a nod to the library's unique architecture. Created during an artist in residence at KOP gallery in June 2018.

Date: June 2018
Medium: Architectural Latex Paint
Dimensions: 9’x15’
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Client: Permeke, KOP
Curator: Daniela Castro Ramirez, KOP

Warby Parker

Permanent mural located in the Third Ward Warby Parker store in Milwaukee.

Date: 2018
Medium: Wallpaper, digital, drawing
Dimensions: 7’x12’
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Art Director: Matt Singer
Client: Warby Parker